What to Look For In a Professional Hood & Duct Cleaning Company

Regular maintenance of restaurant kitchen exhaust systems remains one of the primary defenses against fire hazards. The following items are important points to address when choosing a service provider:

1. The “Complete” Job

Most importantly, one must have clear understanding of the scope of work being provided under any agreement. Often, firms believe they purchase a cleaning of the entire system only to discover later that they have received a “Hood Washing”.

Stillwater Commercial Services indicates in writing what the cleaning contract proposes and how the work will be done.

It remains recommended by the NFPA to use an industry “Certified” contractor and to verity proof of insurance.


2. Access to the Interior of the “System”

Although building codes state that the interior of the system shall be “reasonably accessible for inspection and cleaning”, many systems remain with inaccessible areas.


3. Access Panels

When additional access panels are required to be installed onto exhaust ductwork to facilitate cleaning and inspection, it remains important to specify methods and material which align with applicable codes.


4. Frequency of Cleaning

Kitchen exhaust systems generally require cleaning from monthly to annually depending on many factors. The greatest factor governing required cleaning frequency is the volume of cooking and severity of the cooking operation. Configuration of the exhaust system may also dictate increased frequency.


5. Certificate of Performance

Stillwater Commercial Services will supply a certificate of performance, which is posted at or near the hood as proof of service.


6. Service Follow Up

Stillwater Commercial Services always submits a system service report at the conclusion of each kitchen exhaust system cleaning.


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