Steps on Home Kitchen Hood and Exhaust Cleaning

Cleaning Home Kitchen Hood ImageIt’s very important that you regularly clean your home kitchen hood and exhaust. This kind of exercise not only restores them to their original shine, but also increases their efficiency.

Grease and soil that build up under the hood can increase the cleaning chore, let alone the safety hazard they pose. Therefore, cleaning the hood will not only give your kitchen a fresh touch, but will also curb any impeding safety hazard.

Here are a few steps on exhaust and hood cleaning.


How to Clean the Exhaust and the Hood

During this endeavor, you’ll require dish soap, nylon scrubbing pads, cleaning rags, a scrubbing brush, rubber gloves, degreaser, hot water, newspaper and stainless steel or metal polish.

Step 1

First and foremost, turn the light and fan switches off and let the light bulbs cool. Thereafter, remove the bulbs and the screen in the hoods. You can use a filter screen to safely remove the screen and place it in hot water mixed with dish soap.

Step 2

Turn off all stove top pilot lights, then place newspaper on the surface of the stove and the surrounding counters to catch any grease drips or splatters.

Step 3

You should start cleaning the outside upper surface of the hood. Spray the surface with degreaser and wipe it in small circles using your scrubbing sponge. The small circle technique allows the grease to drip rather than splatter.

Step 4

Scrub the inside of the hood, cleaning the fan blades, electrical connections and making sure that you touch every corner, especially the sharp edges. Spray the gutters with the degreaser to eliminate any grease spots. Just like afore-mentioned, cleaning should be done in a fashion that will avoid splatters.

Step 5

Use a wet soapy cloth to clean the light bulb, dry it and then replace. Scrub the filter screen, degrease it and rinse it in hot water. Make sure it is dry before you place it back to the hood.

Step 6

Now that all is clean and dry, buff the surface of the hood using a dry piece of cloth and metal polish to restore the original shine and luster.

Step 7

Lastly, remove the newspaper and clean any grease spots on top of the stove or surrounding counters.

As you can see, the procedure is not that arduous. By following the afore-stipulated steps for home kitchen hood and exhaust cleaning, you can restore them to their original sparkling clean state.

However, if you own a commercial establishment it’s critical that you have the work done by professionals. Contact us now. And be assured your business will have the maximum protection for the threat of fire due to grease buildup.



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