Restaurant Hood Cleaners are Essential for a Safe Restaurant

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Restaurant Hood Cleaners ImageIf you have a commercial or industrial establishment and are looking for a trustworthy and reliable company to provide high quality exhaust cleaning and fire protection for your facilities in Cincinnati or Columbus Ohio, then the service you can trust is Stillwater Commercial Services.

Established in 2001, Stillwater has grown to become a leader in providing effective and satisfactory kitchenhood and exhaust cleaning services to customers not only in Ohio, but also in Indiana and Kentucky.

Accidental fires are a constant threat in all commercial establishments. If you own a restaurant (or other establishment that involves food preparation) or if you are a manager, chef or employee at one, then you know the importance of having a well cleaned and maintained kitchen exhaust system, and proper fire protection equipment. The KEC certified Fire Protection Technicians at StillWater Commercial Services offer skills that ensure the maximum possible protection.

StillWater Commercial Services’ restaurant hood cleaners use the latest technology and know-how to remove even the most stubborn grease from duct exhaust systems. The technicians are properly trained and have the necessary state licensing and certificates to provide a high level of service and protection.

StillWater Commercial Services are most sought after by commercial establishments and those in the hospitality industry, because of our meticulous and committed hood and duct cleaning services and excellent track record. Stillwater has earned the trust of our clients, and we provide services to dining establishments, fast food chain restaurants, hospitals and other nursing facilities, churches, schools, entertainment venues and casinos.

StillWater Commercial Services offersvery courteous customer service. Our staff is very approachable and you will feel confident and experience peace of mind from the moment you contact us.

One of the main causes of fires in kitchens is grease buildup in the exhaust system. Grease buildup also affects the efficiency of the system. There is always a fire threat to commercial facilities, especially restaurants.

The exhaust system should be properly cleaned and maintained on a regular basis to avoid severe risks. The restaurant hood cleaners at Stillwater thoroughly inspect and service all equipment. Their regular service ensures that the risk of fire is vastly diminished.

The expert technicians at Stillwater can be totally relied upon to do a perfect and sincere cleaning job. At no point in time will you doubt the services of our highly professional, trained and certified technicians. The fans, ducts, hoods and all other parts of your exhaust system are looked into, cleaned, adjusted if necessary and checked to ensure that they function optimally.

StillWater Commercial Services follows specified methods and NFPA 96 guidelines while cleaning commercial exhaust systems. We know that kitchen owners stand to face fines and other liabilities if there are fire code violations, and we will inform you in writing of the range of cleaning services we do and how they are done.

After each and every servicing, we will affix a certificate of performance near the hood as proof; this will indicate the date of cleaning or inspection and the areas cleaned.

As the owner of an industrial establishment, when you hire a hood cleaner you, or your manager, may not be able to be with them as they perform their job. You may not even know what needs to be done. You have to rely on what they do and say, and hope that all measures are taken to keep your establishment safe from accidental and unexpected fires.

With Stillwater you needn’t worry. We provide the most highly trained professionals, whom you can totally rely upon to do anexemplary job.

We alsohave in stock a range of fire extinguishers and wet chemical fire suppression. You can be sure that the fire extinguishers we inspect and sell will work perfectly in case of an emergency. We will not let you down, and you can browse through, order and take delivery of the fire protection products you need.

There are numerous kitchen exhaust cleaning services, and choosing the best one to do business with can often be confusing. While all promise excellent services, not all of them deliver! Stillwater has some of the best restaurant hood cleaners in the business, and you’ll have no reason to complain about our services.

So if you’re unsatisfied with the services of the company that presently cleans your hood and exhaust system, and you’re looking for better exhaust system cleaner and fire protection service… or if you need someone to repair your restaurant hood… then contact the Stillwater professionals now.

Browse our website and find out about the people behind our company and services, and get answers to all your queries.

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