Fire Prevention

Dirty hoods and exhausts can cause your kitchen to look and smell awful – in addition to being a serious fire hazard! The grease and grit that accumulates in the exhaust system can cause a fire breakout at any time.

Our professional team of skilled technicians will:


Remove grease that can cause a fire

Cleaning hoods and exhausts for fire prevention involves more than soap, water and work. The prerequisites involve require specialized skills, chemicals, and high powered tools. Our highly trained personnel draw upon their expertise and years of accrued experience to eliminate the grease that accumulates in the hood.


Clean Fire Suppression Systems

Restaurant Fire Prevention ImageAreas around the fire suppression systems, along the ducts, fans and hoods, need to be thoroughly cleaned. We take precautions to bar the buildup of chemical substances, especially around the bracket where the fire suppression system’s fusible link is located.

If grease and grit start to formulate inside the pipe, it must be either replaced or cleaned in a professional manner. Our technicians will make sure the job is done properly, to insure maximum protection from impending fire dangers.


Check Fire Nozzles

Equally important, we check the red-colored caps on fire suppression nozzles, and make sure that the caps are intact before and after cleaning. Hanging caps allow grease and grit to build up, clogging the actual nozzles over time. When the nozzles are clogged, the system’s capability to put out fire is paralyzed.

Proper cleaning and maintenance of you kitchen exhaust and hood is vital to safeguard your kitchen, as well as other areas of your establishment, from fire hazards. It’s also a legal requirement as specified by the NFPA standard 96. These requirements are crucial to fire prevention.

Cleaning your hood and exhaust is a critical step to prevent a fire in your restaurant. We’ll make sure that your system is effective enough to offer a clearer, cooler, safer and suitable working environment for your staff.

Don’t take any chances with your restaurant!